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Spring Driven Reels

Spring driven reels can come with or without a hose. There are different versions made for high, medium or low pressure applications.

Hand Crank Reels

Hand crank reels have a complete manual operation. They typically come without a hose. There are several different varieties to choose from, which cover many applications

Motor Driven Reels

Motor driven reels feature either electric, air, or hydraulic motors. They make it simple to retract the hose or cable when it's not in use.


COXREELS Commitment




Coxreels’ continues to live by the philosophy of being the first to build the best hose, cord and cable reels…always!  They take great pride in designing, building and supplying the world’s finest reels made right here in the U.S.A.




In today’s competitive world, Coxreels’ firmly supports quality statements with the 2-YEAR MANUFACTURER’S LIMITED WARRANTY. They can do it because their reels are built to last!



Their reputation for unwavering quality goes far beyond our 2-year warranty. The confidence customer’s have in these products are a result of the quality control processes, proprietary powder coating, automated manufacturing processes, investment in robotic and other state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment that has grown through our eight decades of innovation and commitment to our craft.


  • Industry Leader in Quality an Innovation.
  • COXREELS are made in America!
  • COXREELS have a industry leading 2-Year Manufacturers Limited Warranty.
  • Product innovation, original solutions, and excellent price-quality ratio.
  • Proprietary Powder Coating process keeps COXREELS looking good even after years of abuse.
  • Dependable and knowledgeable sales team to assist you in getting the right reel for your application.

Tips on Selecting the Correct Reel

1. Basic info such as the hose size, pressure and temperature range, type of swivel joint, mounting style, and type of rewind needs to be determined before selecting a reel

2. If you are able, it is best to choose a reel that has more hose capacity than you need

3. Smaller hoses permit a greater hose capacity for the reel

4. Each type of rewind has different characteristics:

            Spring Driven - Needs no power source and rewinds automatically.

             Hand Crank - Hose is rewinded manually, no power source needed.

             Motor Driven - Needs a power source to function and rewind speed can be controlled.

5. The hose needs to be the ideal type and quality for the application for optimum service

6. Reels can be customized to fit the needs of the application

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