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Gardtec Products

Wire Form Fan Guards

Wire Form Fan Guards from 25mm up to 162mm.  Wire form fan guards allow for 23-30% greater airflow, heat removal and substantially less objectionable noise than even the optimum sheet metal fan guard.

Plastic Fan Guards

Plastic fan guards are designed for use with fan sizes 40 mm through 162/172 mm. Designs allow for the greatest amount of air passage, while creating very low levels of noise.

Fan Power Cords

Gardtec offers the most complete line of Fan Power Cords in the industry. Straight, T , 45 & 90 degree heads up to lengths of 72" used with tube axial fans.

Fan Filter Assemblies

GardTec plastic fan filter assemblies include the fan guard, filter media and retainer. The filter media comes in various densities and is made to meet UL94HF1 standards.

GARDTEC Commitment




GardTec utiliizes the most modern manufacturing and engineering facilities, pushing the limits of design and materials to formulate the most innovative fan accessory products in the market.




Gardtec is commited to provide fan guards manufactured in world class facilities, with numerous designs, finish options, quality assurance, inventory management, consignment and safety stock programs, combined with world- wide support services.




GardTec employs an in-house staff of the industry’s most experienced team of design engineers and toolmakers, capable of designing and manufacturing the most difficult custom wire form products. Automation of the production process, coupled with the world’s most technologically advanced manufacturing techniques, ensure our customers of the highest quality product.

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  • Industry Leader in Quality and Innovation.
  • World Class Manufacturing
  • Custom wire form product design available.
  • Most complete line of fan accessories in the industry.

  • Professional design & engineering to deliver a product to exacting customer specifications.
  • Dependable and knowledgeable sales team to assist you in getting the right fan guard for your application.

GARDTEC Cross Referencing

Many GardTec parts are able to be crossed with parts from a number of different manufacturers.

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