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ILME Rectangular Connectors

ILME Inserts

Inserts are made of flame resistant UL 94 V-0 plastic, temp ratings125 or 180 °C. rated voltage 50V ~ 5000V, current 5A ~ 200A , and 1 ~108 poles with the different load combinations.

ILME Housings

Enclosure versions are available with different combinations of component materials, each one suitable for a specific installation: environmental conditions and protection ratings.

ILME Cord Grips

Cable glands are available in metal and plastic versions in NPT, PG and Metric sizes in dome and flex styles with EMI options available.

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ILME is the ideal partner for Industrial Connections requiring power from plug connected devices, connections for auxillary circuits, and automation control. With 60 years of research and development ILME offers innovative technical solutions which guarantee safety, reliability and economy. A high level of technical service to the users is the KEY to our industrial activity


ILME Connectors


The ILME connector, although offered to the user as a variety of elements (usually inserts and enclosures) in order to select the ideal combination, has been designed as a single part and tested to be compliant with the essential safety requirementsof the Low Voltage Directive and in particular the EN 61984 standard. The design of this “modular” system guarantees that every approved combination of inserts, enclosures and accessoriescannot be improper.


Important Notes


Connectors must not be connected or disconnected when live or under load.  After wiring the inserts it is necessary to verify the continuity of ground terminals. The correct coupling of the inserts is guaranteed only if they are installed (with the four fixing screws supplied) inside the corresponding enclosures or on compatible accessories in this catalogue. I.L.M.E. SpA is not responsible for any different application.


  • ILME connectors are characterised in the industry as top performers with the utmost reliability/
  • ILME products bear the CE marking on the product or packaging.
  • Almost all ILME products fall under the Low Voltage Directive
  • Product innovation, original solutions, and excellent price-quality ratio..
  • ILME reflects entrepreneurial spirit of and has enjoyed continuous expansion for over half a century.
  • Dependable and knowledgeable service team to assist you in your designs or project.

Common Enclosure Types



- Standard version

- Large selection of sizes

- Constructed from metal  (typically aluminum)



- Offers IP 65/66/67 protection from water and dust

- Constructed from metal

- Special vertical closing stainless steel lever



- Insulating version

- Thermoplastic construction

- Stands up to many chemical materials



- Cost effective

- Constructed from metal

- Galvanized steel lever



- Oversize

- More space for cable entries

- Electronic board slots

- More room makes for easier inspection



- Made for harsh conditions

- Black color replaces older green color

- Unique finish ensures greater resistance to salt and chemicals



- Electromagnetic compatibility

- Useful when the connection needs shielding

- Unique die casting process & conductive gasket



- High temperature version

- Works up to 180°C

- Unique painted finish & gasket that stand up to high temperatures

Central Lever


- Lever located in the middle of the enclosure

- Requires less installation space

- Less effort needed when removing the insert

IP 68


- Complete protection from dust and submersion in water

- Stands up to corrosive materials

- Ensures an electromagnetic screen

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